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    Ex-Job Community Volunteers was formed following the outbreak of Covid-19. The membership is made up of former police and military personnel who can provide assistance. It is also open for groups or individuals who are seeking help and the numbers are rising on a daily basis!

    There are 11 groups country wide and these are based on the policing regions of the UK. You can join as many of these groups as you wish and if you are seeking support you can make a request for a person in another region. We can assist those people who do not fall within the 1.5m who are deemed as being vulnerable by the NHS.

    We are supporting Police forces with their requests as well as military associations and health organisations.

    An open request can be made via the group. However, we would ask that personal details are not included we are successfully supporting a number of groups across the UK but have capacity for more!

    Additional requests can be made via email to

    Visit the Facebook page for your local group:


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