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    Ex-Job is a phrase used for former police officers. It singles out those people who have served in law enforcement and have undertaken roles to protect the public whether it be as a Detective, Firearms officer, Community or Road Policing. When you leave or retire you are all “Ex-Job”.

    Law enforcement is a way of life. For many, leaving an organisation after a substantial period of time fills former members with trepidation, sadness or delight. Serving for 30 years may have some people feeling a sense of having become institutionalised. The fear of stepping outside an organisation can be overwhelming and many choose to remain with their employers in civilian roles. However, we leave with diverse skills that have been gathered and used to great effect. These skills hold true value to your next career.

    Ex-Job has been formed to assist those people who want to bring their skills into the private sector, either as an independent service provider or by undertaking employment with blue-chip companies.

    Ex-Job have access to highly influential companies who are constantly looking for reliable individuals with high integrity and a good work ethic. These are all the skills that you have learnt as a law enforcement professional.

    There will be very few people who know how you feel as you hand in your warrant card, empty your locker and sign off for the last time. We know exactly how you feel. Please allow Ex-Job To be “The First Steps To Your Future”

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