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    Police Staff Investigator Level 2

    We are please to offer this role via our Partnership Company, working for the Local Policing Department as a Detective Sargent in the Shewsbury area

    To prevent and detect crime. To investigate criminal activity. To actively participate in a wide range of evidence gathering and criminal investigation tasks involving victims, witnesses, technical sources and suspects.

    • Fixed Term for 6 months
    • Full Time


    To investigate offences of crime, and to actively participate in a wide range of evidence gathering and crime investigation tasks. Exercising designated Investigating Officer powers.

    To interview and record the evidence of victims of crime and witnesses to crime, in statement form or by an ABE interview as appropriate. In some cases this will need to be supported by the gathering of appropriate medical and forensic evidence

    To act as liaison officer for victims and witness of crime, and where appropriate support them through the criminal justice process. This will include providing regular and ad hoc updates on investigations to victims of crime as appropriate.

    To formally interview suspects in a manner that is compliant with PACE and other legislation.

    To secure and preserve evidence through the proficient use of certain technical equipment. Examples of such technical equipment and IT systems include digital cameras, audio-video recording equipment, CCTV download systems, police intelligence systems, property management systems and file preparation systems.

    To attend scenes of crime and ensure that all available evidence is protected and secured in order to maximise forensic opportunities

    To prepare and submit complete evidential files to the Crown Prosecution Service observing the highest professional standards, and meeting the required Manual of Guidance standards in relation to quality, timeliness, disclosure and evidential integrity. Then to attend court hearings, where necessary, to present the evidence in person.

    To provide professional specialist advice and knowledge to all colleagues within the organisation in relation to all aspects of crime investigation and case file management.

    To liaise with other members and departments of the organisation, with other police forces, external agencies and the public in relation to the gathering of evidence, identifying and tracing offenders, and ensuring that all aspects of the investigation are taken into account.

    To seek and exploit criminal intelligence opportunities in order to prevent and detect crime, and to submit intelligence reports on suspected criminal activity as and when that intelligence becomes available.

    To undertake any relevant task at the discretion of a detective sergeant or senior investigating officer, as deemed commensurate with the nature, level of responsibility and grading of the post. This may include including the seizure and viewing of evidential material, undertaking house-to-house enquiries, making a media appeal, and undertaking property related enquiries (but this is not an exhaustive list of tasks).

    Special Conditions:

    Warranted powers
    The post holder will be required to lawfully exercise with professional judgement the ‘designated powers’ of an investigator as determined by the Police Reform Act2002, and as authorised by the Chief Constable of West Mercia Police. Those powers are: to make PACE Section 8 search warrant applications; to access excluded and special procedure material; to enter and search after arrest; a general power of seizure of evidence; access and copying evidence in the case of things seized by constables; to arrest a suspect at a police station for further offences; to accept the transfer of prisoners for the purposes of interview; power to require an arrested person to account for certain matters; and some extended powers of seizure. With the exception of warrant applications these powers are only exercisable within the policing areas of West Mercia.

    Work Locations – May be required on ad hoc basis to work from different geographic locations to support the investigation.

    Must be prepared to deal with occasional distressing scenes or material.


    All post holders are expected to know, understand and act within the ethics and values of the Police Service. These nationally recognised behaviours and values are set out in the Competency and Values Framework (CVF). The CVF has six competencies that are clustered into three groups:
     Resolute, compassionate and committed
     Inclusive, enabling and visionary leadership
     Intelligent, creative and informed policing
    Under each competency there are three levels that show what the behaviours will look like in practice. This role requires the post holder to be operating at or working towards Level 1
    of the CVF.


    The post holder should have demonstrable knowledge, commensurate to that of a detective constable in the same department, i.e. PIP Level 2:
     Key offences in criminal law including all major offences against the person and against property
     Key aspects of criminal procedure legislation, including the PACE and CPIA
     The fundamental workings of the courts and the wider criminal justice system
     The rules of best evidence, investigative interviewing of both witnesses and suspects, case file preparation and an awareness of forensics

     Substantial experience at an equivalent level in a serious and/or complex crime investigation role.
     Have attended a Police Intelligence Operatives Course.

    Key Skills:
     A proven all-round investigative ability.
     Possess an analytical mind, a methodical approach and have attention to detail.
     The ability to effectively and efficiently handle and interview victims, witnesses and suspects
     Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to interact with people from all walks of life and communicate with them at a level commensurate
    with their understanding
     The ability to work as part of a tight-knit team
     The ability to work with other agencies and partners
     Have an aptitude towards Information Technology and have the ability to be trained in a variety of both national and local systems and also be familiar with standard PC software.
     Have excellent communication skills both written and orally and to be able to deliver presentations


    Please send your CV via the portal or email admin@ex-job for further details.

    We have been advised that this role needs to be filled as a matter of urgency

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